Pastoral District

Pastoral Districts

Richard Moore & Verlie Wells IV
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Crum
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Curtis & Family
Miss Brandee Elston
Mrs. Cynthia Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Scottie Gladney
Mrs. Martha Jean Goulder
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Goulder &Family
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Goulder
Ms. Zona Gray
Mr. Chris Gravley
Mr. Robin Gravley
Mrs. Edith Hanks
Mrs. Barbara Heath
Mrs. Jean Chisolm
Ms. Sandy Herring
Mr. Casey Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Zane Hill
Mrs. Linda Huffman
Mr. Jeff Huffman

Larry Crum, Kenneth Boswell, & Chris Gravley
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Molder
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Murphy
Mrs. Mary Pannell
Rev. and Mrs. Tim Phillips & Family
Mr. Robert Rhodes
Ms. Katie Ruffin & Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sides
Mrs. Sarah Smith
Mrs. Mary Frances Smith
Ms. Margarette Huffman
Mrs. Shirley Kennedy
Ms. Laura Kiphart
Ms. Emily Kirk
Mrs. Marcie Little & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McCain’

John Scott & Scottie Gladney
Ms. Wanda Starnes & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Templeton & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Trotter
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Trotter
Mr. and Mrs. Verlie Wells III
Mr. Verlie Wells IV
Mr. Chris Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Alton Woods
Mr. and Mrs. John Yarbro
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Yarbro
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Young
Mr. & Mrs. Andy Alsbrook & Family
Mrs. Joe Anne Alsbrook
Miss Margarette Alsbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Boswell
Mrs. Lucille Bridges
Mrs. Shelia Brubaker